Dammit, Sal needs to come back and push Don out of the window while holding hands with Bob Benson

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Ugh Harry Crane’s reign of terror gains more traction

Did Peggy just invent Olive Garden?

Mansions in Detroit, y’all, built on a foundation of lies and delusions. Topped off with a smile and potential to murder another mother.

Negligent, narcissistic fathers and their shitty gifts is one of the best overarching themes of this show

Wow so much Benson backstory in about 20 seconds

Follow up on Ginsberg, follow up on Ginsberg


Malibu Betty is too real for Pete

I need to stop commenting on Facebook posts, I’m currently embroiled in a debate about whether or not Mad Men writers choose to bring up certain issues of that time to make comparisons to present day situations. Why am I bothering?