Nighttime Landscapes, 2014 | by Jonathan Moyal

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:( I lost $300 today cancelling an AirBNB booking 3 hours too late. 


lembongan island, bali, indonesia


lembongan island, bali, indonesia

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Natural Intensity - Vertical (via Alan S. Maltz Gallery)


Natural Intensity - Vertical (via Alan S. Maltz Gallery)

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chrysanthedads: I'm just wondering what you want to happen to Shane Dawson? should he be banned from Youtube or?


I’m not asking for anyone to be banned from YouTube. But hate speech is against the site’s terms of service and there should be consequences. Instead he continues to be rewarded for this kind of behavior. Sam was banned from Vidcon over ONE video. Shane has done his modern day minstrel show act AT VIDCON and faced no repercussions. It’d be nice if he’d acknowledge why these thing are problematic, apologize to his audience and stop doing them. But I highly doubt that’ll happen. The same way the YouTube community called for Sam Pepper to remove his “prank” videos where he sexually assaults women, I think the videos where Shane uses the n-word, does blackface and parodies black people and makes rape and molestation jokes should be removed from YouTube. 

Numerous popular YouTubers came out to say they won’t stand for homophobia or misogyny in the community but remain silent on issues of racism, which their audience needs to hear about. It’s disappointing that POC don’t get the same level of support that more “mainstream” issues do on YouTube. And even if the videos aren’t removed, I’d at least like to see those same high profile creators take a stand and say this isn’t ok and we won’t support it. Start the conversation about why this isn’t ok. Normalizing racism has serious consequences, the same way sexism and homophobia have consequences. Unfortunately the majority of the YouTube audience isn’t going to listen or care unless it comes from a high profile (ahem WHITE) content creator. According to the fans I’m just “jealous” and “playing the race card”. And that’s a big part of the problem and a whole different story…

Why people make excuses for such a complete and utter hack is beyond my comprehension. Meanwhile, people who create actual content of quality, like Chescaleigh, get attacked over and over again for presenting evidence-based critiques. Good grief.


"you’re obsessed with your mental illness"

i know right? it’s almost like it impacts every part of my life

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I’m good at tinder

Goddamn this is good

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